Proof that it's never OK to settle

Proof that it's never OK to settle

Bad advice

A 14 year old girl was given the following advice by a drama teacher: 

"You might do OK if you are happy to settle for the fat girl parts." 

That actress was Kate Winslet. 

I don't know about you, but I feel like she has done OK. In fact, I think it is safe to say, she has absolutely nailed it. She is living proof that if there is something you want to do and you want it badly enough, you'll find a way. 

Kate (we're on a first name basis now) talks about something vital that was the difference between settling and success...

"I didn't listen. I kept on going and I overcame all of my fears and a lot of insecurities. Just keep doing it, keep believing in yourself. That was what I felt I really had to dig deep and do." - Kate Winslet

She said this after accepting her BAFTA Award. In your face drama teacher.

"I am dedicating this award to all of the young women who are doubting themselves. Because you shouldn't be doubting, you should be just going for it." - Kate Winslet

Don't let the man get you down - ignoring bad advice

Much like our friend Kate, we will all come across plonkers on our journey that will be only too happy to put us down, play on our insecurities and tell us we don't have the chops to do it. 

I have met a number of these aforementioned plonkers in the past. But they have simply been plonked there in my path only to test my resolve. 

I'm grateful for these people. They make you stop and question what you are doing and if you truly care about doing it. Either you're not that bothered to be stopped in your tracks, or, you want it so badly you'll stuff self-doubt back in its box and sally forth regardless. 

Stick to your guns and all guns blazing!

It's hard to argue with ignorance

Advice is derived and given from an individual's perspective that is always limited by their own experiences. The advice you choose to take or to leave should be given serious consideration. Perhaps the giver has settled for the 'fat girl parts?'

You have to ask yourself: am I settling?

My writing mentor (far from plonker) was commenting on the amount of things I've got going on at once. I explained that when I realised what I wanted to do, I locked on to it and nothing was going to stop me. I had to start immediately and pursue it relentlessly until I succeeded. There is no other way. I am not prepared to settle.

I'm not convinced that it is true, but what if we do only live once? There is no guarantee of the time that we've got here. There is not a moment to lose. 

Dancing with the stars

If there is something you want, I believe you have got to chase it down. The journey is just as much fun, if not more, than the destination. It feels like dancing on the road to infinite possibilities. Are you prepared to dig deep and trip the light fantastic?

Speaking of which, here is a quote I love from Amy Purdy. If you don't yet know who she is, look her up here

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